Welcome to New Perspectives Crisis Residence. Our focus is to offer individuals a non-threatening atmosphere that promotes recovery and provides an alternative to stressful environments. You have come to New Perspectives Crisis Residence because you are in distress. Our primary goal is to help you feel better so you can return to your usual daily activities. We will provide respectful and considerate services, including: residential accommodations, life skills training, supportive counseling, recreational activities, education about your illness, casework services, assistance with medication and psychiatric visits if needed.

You have the right to be treated well, to have assistance in identifying and meeting your needs, and to have someone listen to you when you need it. You are here voluntarily and you have the right to leave if you choose. We ask that you let us help you to return to your permanent residence if you wish to leave.

We realize that coming to New Perspectives may have been a difficult choice for you and we are happy that you have chosen to work on your crisis here. We understand that you may have many questions about what to expect in the next several days. Therefore, we have jotted down some ideas that may help you adjust to being at New Perspectives Crisis Residence.

  • Meals are served family style. Residents should eat at the same times. Residents are expected to help in the planning, preparation and clean up of all meals.
  • We encourage residents to awake at 7:30 AM to begin their day. Breakfasts are “help yourself” style. Cereals are found in the kitchen cabinets. You may find frozen waffles, French toast or pancakes in the freezer. You may wish to make eggs and bacon, etc. Fresh fruits are also available. Please help yourself. Remember, breakfast is very important, so try not to skip this meal.
  • Foods and drinks are to be consumed in the dining room. No foods or drinks are allowed in your bedroom or in the living room/group area.
  • You may bring purchased snacks, but please restrict the amount of sugary foods. Too much sugar can increase the severity of mental illness. Please restrict the amount of food consumed after 9 PM. Popcorn and other light snacks are available in the evening. If you wish to bring purchased caffeine free soft drinks, please buy only single serve quantities. Two liter bottles of soda are not allowed.
  • Coffee is caffeinated until 9:00 AM; light coffee (½ caffeine & ½ decaf) is available until 6:00 PM at which time we switch to decaf. Soda and other caffeine products must follow the same restrictions. All soda will be stored in the Program Office.
  • When preparing foods, you must wash your hands with antibacterial soap found in the kitchen and all of the bathrooms. Please wear the disposable food service gloves available in the kitchen.
  • If you have special health related or religious nutritional needs please let a staff person know.

  • Group counseling sessions are held several times a day. We expect that you will attend and participate in all group counseling. Counselors are trained to respect issues that may be sensitive to you and will not insist you divulge private matters in groups.
  • Individual counseling is available 24-hours a day. No specific time is set-aside for individual counseling. Please feel free to approach staff members at any time. If that worker is involved in another matter, he/she will be with you as soon as they become available.
  • Family sessions can be arranged when needed. If you feel that you may benefit from having a session with family members, please notify a staff member.
  • Occasionally therapeutic passes are given. These passes must be approved in advance and should be directly related to helping you achieve your goals.
  • Please feel free to use the Self-help worksheets and that are located in the box in the living room. If you need assistance choosing one please speak to one of the counselors.

You may be in need of finding an ongoing service to help resolve your crisis. These services might include outpatient therapy, financial assistance or Medical Assistance, housing or transportation. The counselors will provide you with phone numbers and information about needed services. If you need assistance finding or setting up these services the counselors are available to assist you. NIGHTTIME
  • Sleep is an important component of your recovery. Residents are expected to be in their beds by midnight.
  • If you are unable to fall asleep, or if you wake in the middle of the night, it is okay to get up and come out of your room for a short period of time. Counselors are awake overnight and will help you to relax so that you can fall asleep.
  • A variety of herbal, non-caffeinated teas may help you to relax. You can help yourself to a cup. They are located in the kitchen cabinet. We also have relaxation cassette tapes that you can request.

  • A New Perspectives psychiatrist will evaluate you and can prescribe medications for you if needed. New Perspectives has a small supply of sample medications and if medications are in stock some will be given to you if you cannot pay for them. Residents are expected to pay for their own medications whenever possible. Your medical insurance, if you have insurance, may cover the cost of medications with a small co-pay.
  • New Perspectives will help you take care of medical concerns that you may have. Nurses are on staff and will assist you when needed.
  • Medications are kept locked in a safe place for you. Staff will assist you in taking your own medications. Staff will answer questions about your medicines and will provide written information about medicines if requested.

  • Keeping yourself clean will likely help you feel better about yourself. Showers are located in the bathroom near the office and in the bathroom adjacent to the arts and crafts room.
  • You may wish to take a shower every morning. We encourage residents to awake at 7:30 AM to begin their day. This is a great way to start your day, feeling refreshed and clean. Soaps, shampoo and other toiletries are available. Don’t hesitate to ask.
  • Remember to always wash your hands before meal preparation.
  • A washer and dryer are located in the bathroom by the main entrance. You may use them whenever you need. Laundry supplies are located on the shelf above the washer and dryer. Please do not overload the washer. Also, do not use the washer to wash loads that are too small. If you do not know how to operate the washer and dryer, please ask the staff.
  • lease keep your room neat and clean. Please help maintain the cleanliness of this house.

  • Free time is defined as any time when a structured activity is not scheduled. Residents are encouraged to take part in all appropriate scheduled activities.
  • Craft supplies are available for your pleasure. We encourage you to participate when arts and craft activities are planned in the day.
  • During good weather, outside activities are offered; such as volleyball, wiffle ball, etc. Again, we encourage you to join in when these activities are planned as part of our daily program.
  • Occasionally, trips are planned to parks, flea markets, stores or other interesting places. Participation in trips is expected.
  • A television is located in the living room for your enjoyment. Please, keep it turned off during the daytime. We encourage you to make use of free daytime hours by socializing with other residents and by doing something that you enjoy, such as reading, arts and crafts, puzzles or just talking.
  • The television can be turned on from 7:00 AM to 8:00 AM to watch the local news. The television must be turned off until 6:00 pm. It must be turned off at 11:00 pm. The TV must be turned off during structured activities.

  • New Perspectives is a smoke free house. You may smoke in the screened in porch at the back entrance or on the front porch.
  • Staff may discuss your smoking habit with you if it is excessive or if it is interfering with your recovery.

  • A phone is available in the living room. You may use it to make calls. However, long distance calls will not go through unless you use a calling card. You may give family members and friends the number (570-992-8930). They may call you at this number but there are no calls after 10:00 pm and before 8:00 am please.
  • The telephone will be turned off during groups.
  • It may be non-therapeutic to have too many phone calls. Staff may limit the number of times you are on the phone if it becomes detrimental to your treatment.
  • Please limit the time to any call to 15 minutes.
  • Cell phones, pagers and lap top computers must be relinquished to staff upon admission. They will be kept locked with your other valuables and will be available to you during free time. Calls made or received from your cell phone must be done in the staff office.

  • Please respect each other. Refrain from cursing or using inappropriate language and topics.
  • Conflicts are an inevitable part of life. If you find yourself in a dispute with another resident or staff member, talk with a counselor to work on coping, problem solving and/or anger management.

  • Visiting hours are from 6:15 pm to 7:30 pm.
  • We ask that you meet with your visitors in a common house area, such as the kitchen, crafts room, living room or outside deck. You may show your guests your room, but please keep the time visitors are in your room brief.
  • If your guests bring you items such as gifts, clothes or food, those items must be checked by staff to assure the safety of New Perspectives. Large quantities of food brought by visitors will not be allowed.
  • If you wish someone to visit you but they cannot come during the scheduled visiting hours, talk to staff. We will make every effort to accommodate you and your loved ones.
  • We ask that residents do not visit other residents within 30 days of discharge. If you believe there are special circumstances please call staff in advance of the visit.

  • We encourage you to check valuables with staff for safekeeping. A locked closet is available for storage of valuables.

We are glad you have decided to stay with us. We recognize the anguish you are feeling and we know you are trying hard to heal. We know that people who take an active role in their own treatment feel better and stay in the community more than those who do not. We offer hope, because for those who receive and participate in proper treatment for mental illness can expect to find relief and recover to lead full lives.

If you have a complaint about the services you received at New Perspectives Crisis Residence, you have the right to voice it verbally or in writing. You can:
  1. Discuss it informally with staff on duty.
  2. If that does not resolve the problem, you can discuss the problem with the assistant director or the director of New Perspectives.
  3. You can complain formally in writing to the program director who will respond in writing within 7 days.
  4. You can log a complaint with the consumer satisfaction team, a local consumer advocacy group who will address your concerns. You can reach the consumer satisfaction team by dialing 1-877-315-1905.

Additionally, you can make a complaint to the Administrator at Carbon, Monroe and Pike Counties MH/MR:

Sheila Theodorou
Carbon, Monroe, Pike MH/MR
730 Phillips Street
Stroudsburg, PA 18360

If you feel you have been discriminated against, you may file a complaint with any of the following offices:
Bureau of Civil Rights
Dept. of Public Welfare
Room 412 Health & Welfare Bldg.
Post Office Box 2675
Harrisburg, PA 17105
Office of Civil Rights
U.S. Dept. of Health and
Human Services Region III
Post Office Box 13716
Philadelphia, PA 13716
Pennsylvania Human Relations Committee
101 South Second Street
Suite 300
Harrisburg, PA 17105
Community Care Behavioral Health Organization
The Courtyard Professional Art Building
300 Community Drive, Suite F
Tobyhanna, PA 18466
1-866 473 5862
The Advocacy Alliance
335 North Fourth St.
Lehighton, PA 18235
1 877 315 6855

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